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On Sunday, May 16, 1982 several masons in the Cleveland, Ohio area gathered at the Shaker Heights Masonic Temple for the purpose of forming a Masonic Motorcycle Club. After extensive discussion, it was decided to get organized. The following members were present: Richard and Yvonne Kovac, Herb and Pauline Collins, Richard and Pat Foxen, Rex and Bonnie Baker, Curt and Sally Stone, Richard Morse, James Trewhitt, Gary Goodwin, Tom Maxwell, Bert Eagles. Under the Direction of Richard Kovac, Officers were elected and a ride schedule was set-up and a Name was chosen, Masonic Motorcyle Club of Ohio. D.D.G.M. Richard F. Kovac, Founder, was elected the first President. When International started this club was known as Chapter #1.


In 1984, it was decided to make the Club an International Organization by President Robert Coffman. A Committee was created, By-Laws worked on, rules set up and fliers sent out. On August 10, 1985 the first International Conference was held in Loudenville, Ohio, International Officers were elected and the first Chapter outside Ohio was formed. We Welcomed the Masons from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (Chapter #6).

In 1991, a Member -at -Large Chapter was created for members in areas with an insufficient number to form a Chapter. In 1993, the Club became a sanctioned A.M.A. Chartered Chapter and the Founders Conference was held. In 1995, the first International Open House was hosted by the International Officers in Lake George, New York at Americade and had 50 members and guests attend.

In 1998, the Club qualified and applied for Federal Income Tax exempt status. In 1999, we received our tax exempt number. Also in 1999, the Executive Board approved the International Web- Site which made the Membership almost double.

At the Executive Board Meeting on February 10, 2001, the Board approved the creation of the Death Benefit Plan to aid and assist the families of a fallen Member. In 2002, our first Chapter was formed in Canada, making us truly an International Club. Also a Chaplin classification was added to the By-Laws.

During the past years since our inception, we have had some great International Conferences. They have been in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Mississippi, Kentucky, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Fort Erie ,Ontario. Canada and west of the Mississippi in Minnesota.

. They were all well planned and the Membership enjoyed them, discovering new areas and attractions.

We continue to search out more new Chapters and Members-at-Large thru word of mouth, flyers, Web-Site, advertising and visual contact.

(To be continued)

The future is history.

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